Our mission is to help you achieve your shiniest, healthiest HUE.

Your hair color should be glossy and dimensional every time you look in the mirror. From scalp-balancing scrubs to root coverage and brightening shampoos, we created dpHUE to give you the tools and confidence you need to make every day a great hair color day.

The foundation of shiny and multi-dimensional color comes not from a bottle, but from healthy hair. Our collection of expertly developed products nourishes and replenishes each strand to its most brilliant best with every wash, treatment, and style. Welcome to a new era of healthy color care with dpHUE.

“I love helping people feel good about themselves and a great hair day is the best way to start. When you feel your best, you’re the best version of yourself. Why not feel this way every day?”

Justin Anderson — Celebrity colorist and dpHUE Co-founder


Everything Just Clicked...

The dynamic duo behind dpHUE know what it takes to make your hair color shine because they have experience in and behind the chair. Founder Donna Pohlad, a mom and entrepreneur from Minnesota, was constantly frustrated by frequent fading and looking for ways to protect and prolong her hair color’s lifespan. 

This led her to her future dpHUE co-founder, celebrity hair colorist Justin Anderson. Together, they used their combined expertise and experiences to create formulas that could be easily integrated into the modern consumer’s busy routine to boost, amplify, and preserve their color—be it natural or from the salon.