The Ultimate Guide for a Healthy Scalp

This One Common Mistake Might Be Ruining Your Color

When most people think about their color, their scalp doesn’t usually come to mind. Big mistake. Huge. Because what you might not realize is that the foundation of shiny, vibrant color is a healthy scalp. Not sure what one has to do with the other?  Read on to learn how a balanced scalp can make or break your color service, plus why the ACV Daily Scalp Serum is a must add to your color care routine.

Why You Should Care About A Healthy Scalp

While it might seem counterintuitive to treat your scalp in order to ensure your hair looks its best, a quick biology lesson reveals just why your scalp health is so important to a good hair day. Your scalp contains somewhere around a million hair follicles, 100,000 of which are actively growing hair at any given time. When the hair is inside the follicle, below the surface of the skin, it is the healthiest it will ever be. That’s because that is where it is getting vital nutrients and is mostly untouched by damage from the outside world. So, if you can keep your scalp healthy and balanced, you ensure that the hair that emerges from the follicle will be strong. If you ignore your scalp and let it become unbalanced and irritated, you run the risk of not just easily damaged hair, but of weakening the hair follicle itself. A weakened hair follicle can lead to breakage, premature shedding, and even stunt your hair’s future regrowth. Yikes.

What Does A Healthy Scalp Look Like?

Yet, even with all that’s riding on it, you probably don’t give the skin on your head much thought because with a healthy scalp, you don’t need to. When your scalp is balanced, it’s producing oil normally, shedding dead skin at its usual cycle, and not feeling dry or irritated. But, when your scalp is out of balance, you’ll know that something is wrong pretty quickly because you’ll start to experience symptoms like itching, burning, redness, bumps, flakes, or excessive oiliness.

Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair Color

So, what’s all this have to do with your color? Everything. Coloring your hair has the potential for damage — it’s a chemical process that requires your hair to be in peak condition to ensure that it can stand up to the various dyes and bleaches used to create the color you covet. Not to mention the daily wear and tear caused by brushing, heat styling, washing, and UV damage. Plus, when the hair is healthy, the hair cuticle is smooth and closed, which makes the hair (and your color) look shinier. Damaged, dry hair will make your hair color look dull and flat. Add to that the fact that when you color your hair, you also open up the cuticle, leading your hair to lose its natural shine and smooth texture. Which means that keeping your scalp healthy is your best bet for ensuring that your hair emerges in the best condition it can be.

How Scalp Serum Can Help Keep Your Scalp (and Color!) Healthy

To keep the scalp functioning optimally — and, your hue looking its most fabulous along with it — you’ll want to incorporate a scalp specific product like the ACV Daily Scalp Serum. What makes this weightless soothing scalp treatment so special? Well, besides the fact that it’s an Allure Best of Beauty Award winner, it’s also been shown in a consumer study to have incredible benefits for hair and scalp. The study asked 113 respondents to try the serum for 90 days and report back on their results. At the end of the study, 88% said their scalp felt nourished, 86% said their scalp felt healthier, 81% noticed less shedding, and 85% said their hair felt strengthened, less brittle and looked better. The secret to the serum is its potent blend of apple cider vinegar, which helps to keep the scalp pH balanced and gently exfoliate debris and build-up, plus a blend of moisturizing hyaluronic acid, maca root and apple stem cells to help anchor hair and prevent premature shedding. When applied daily, it balances and hydrates the scalp while also promoting a healthy hair growth cycle.  But, that’s not all. According to dpHUE co-founder and celebrity colorist Justin Anderson, this little wonder can also help you immediately before and after your color appointment to make the whole process a little less irritating. “ Depending on your scalp's level of sensitivity, coloring or bleaching your hair can leave you with an itchy, uncomfortable, or irritated scalp,” says Justin. “Our ACV Daily Scalp Serum will truly soothe any irritation you might have! Not only that, but it hydrates the scalp while also keeping the scalp's pH levels balanced. With daily and regular use, our ACV Scalp Serum can help to prevent, or minimize, any irritation that might occur during a pre- or post- color treatment.” It’s a multitasking marvel that every hair routine needs to reveal their healthiest, shiniest, most vibrant hue.
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