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dpHUE Basics

How does the App work?

The dpHUE Pro App for iPhone enables you, as a licensed cosmetologist, to place orders for your clients and earn 50% commission. Consult with your client on the best dpHUE products to care for their color at home in between their salon appointments. Create a profile for them (first name, last name and email address), enter their shipping address and their payment information. We ship to them free. You earn 50% commission.

If a client places an order on can I earn commission?

Only orders placed by the cosmetologist through the Professional App are eligible for commission.

Getting Started with the App

How do I get registered and start selling?

Download dpHUE Professional in the Apple App Store. Register for your account with your email address, first and last name, Cosmetology License number and State, and a picture of your Cosmetology license. If you are unable to access your license because your salon is currently closed, please write down the number and State on a piece of paper and use that, temporarily.

When do I get paid?

When you place an order, we begin to count 15 days. On day 16, your commission is added to the queue for the next payout. Payouts happen twice per month, the 15th and last day of each month. If that day falls over the weekend, payment may be delayed until the following Monday.

How do I get paid?

Through PayPal! Connect your PayPal account! Send in your W9 Form! In order to get paid you will need to do two things: connect a PayPal account to the App and email us completed w9 form to Once you are set up commissions will be processed as per the above “When do I get paid?"

How do I connect my PayPal?

When you are in the App, select the three dots in the upper left hand corner. Enter the PayPal address for your account. That's it!

How do I get you my w9 form?

Download a w9 form here or use an App such as this one. When you complete the form, please make sure it's signed and dated and email as an attachment to

How long does it take to get my w9 form approved?

This takes up to three business days.

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What happens once I place an order

Can I modify or cancel an order I place in the App?

Be careful! Once an order is placed you cannot modify or cancel.

I see "unfulfilled" on some of my orders in the Commissions tab. What does that mean?

That means the order has not yet shipped to your Client. When you view your orders they will be marked "unfulfilled" (hasn't yet shipped), "fulfilled" (shipped), "paid" (your commission for this order has been paid to you via PayPal).

How can I use this on my Android device?

The App is currently only available for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 10.2 or later.

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