Your hair is never just, hair. It rallies you. It takes you places. It unlocks your most favorite version of yourself. But when color loses oomph between salon visits ... so can you.

To that, we say: nooooo way. You deserve the upper hand on your hair color every day, which is why we created dpHUE.

Helmed by uncompromising color enthusiast and founder Donna Pohlad along with A-list celebrity colorist Justin Anderson, dpHUE knows what it’s like to be both behind—and in—the chair. And it shows in our collection.

Fading between appointments? We got your gloss. Looking for a clean that won't strip? OMG, ACV. Roots creeping in? Not on our watch.

No more panicking between salon visits. We’re in your cabinet, we’re in your shower, and we’re in your bag. Just nourishing, premium products that help you keep color fresh, whenever, wherever.

Feels good to take back the reins, doesn’t it?

Looks good, too.